Chamber singers


(vocal ensemble honors)

Chamber Singers is an elite, small mixed performing choir of fifteen to thirty singers, that learns and performs advanced level choral music of varying styles, appropriate for the group’s size. Members are chosen from the ranks of the Concert Choir and Advanced Women's Ensemble. Concurrent Enrollment in Chamber Singers and Concert Choir is mandatory. Chamber Singers meet during the fourth period B-day rotation, and are regularly invited to perform locally, for service groups and others in the community. An audition is required in order to join this group.


advanced women's ensemble

(vocal ensemble honors)

Advanced Women’s Ensemble is a select treble voice choir that learns and performs intermediate to advanced  level choral music of varying styles, appropriate for the group's size. They meet during the fourth period A-day rotation.  An audition is required in order to join this group.


concert choir

Concert Choir is a large, select mixed chorus that learns and performs intermediate level choral music of varying styles throughout the school year. They meet every day of the school year during first period. A one year commitment is required. An audition is required in order to join this group.


men's chorus

Concert Choir Men’s Chorus consists of tenor and bass voices that learn and perform intermediate to advanced level choral music of varying styles for men's voices throughout the school year, including some men's barbershop. They will meet three days a week during lunch hour and for some fifth periods for the entire school year.  A one year commitment is required. Students will receive five credits if they are enrolled in this class. The requirements and expectations for Men’s Chorus will be the same as for Concert Choir.


women's ensemble

Women’s Ensemble consists of mostly freshman treble voices that learn and perform beginning to intermediate level choral music for women's voices of varying styles. Performances are held at Newbury Park High School. They will meet during third period for the first semester only.  Because this is a one semester class, the commitment for the Women’s Ensemble will be only for the Winter Concert. Students in this Ensemble will not be required to wear the choir concert dress. An audition is required to join this group.


Responsibilities of choral members and parents

Our choirs at NPHS are designed to promote the performing arts in the form of choral singing. The main areas of
study will include proper rehearsal techniques, proper singing techniques, proper performance etiquette, and
musicianship training. Professional attitude and commitment are required! Students will memorize and perform choral music requiring mature work habits. A large commitment of time and seriousness of purpose are also required as there are several performances, both locally and at overnight festivals. All performances and dress rehearsals are MANDATORY​. Most performances are not on school time but frequently on evenings and weekends.

Throughout the school year, there will be many forms which must be signed, policies that must be followed, costs to be covered, and a dress code that must be adhered to. Choir is a yearlong class (with the exception of Women’s Ensemble) and students and parents should realize that responsible commitment for the entire year is expected and that budgets are calculated upon that commitment. Pledge Partner Contributions cannot be refunded if a student does not complete the year.

Students participating in other school and off campus activities including sports and music ensembles must make
choir activities their priority. The activity calendar for the following school year usually comes out in June and is posted under Activities. Please subscribe to our calendar and refer to it or the Activities page when making other commitments including spring season sports. Dates may change slightly and a few performances might be added so check the calendar page regularly.


​All parents are members of the Choral Boosters and are strongly encouraged to support and participate in fundraising and other activities organized for the benefit of the choir.


Spring Tour

The Annual Spring Choir Tour is a highlight of our program. It is an opportunity for our students to perform with other nationally top-rated high school choirs and to create long lasting memories of music making and friendship. In Spring 2018 our choirs received gold ratings at the San Diego Heritage Festival, an accomplishment of which we are so proud!  


The 2019 Spring Tour will take us to the Seattle Heritage Festival where we will again perform with other nationally top-rated high school choirs. The Spring Tour is made possible by contributions from choir families as well as fundraising efforts by the NPHS Choral Booster Club. 


Student Leadership

Section leaders are hard-working, responsible choir students who lead not only in front but by example as well. Each vocal part has a section leader who helps singers learn their part efficiently. If you're interested in becoming a section leader for next year, please contact Sarge or a section leader. Leadership interviews will be held at the end of each school year, and section leaders meet at lunch every Thursday of the school year in the choir room.

Leadership positions

  • Head administrative section leader

  • Concert Choir soprano section leader

  • Concert Choir alto section leader

  • Concert Choir tenor section leader

  • Concert Choir bass section leader

  • Advanced Women's Ensemble representative(s)